Saturday, October 11, 2014

AsianBoobies4u - A sensual young Pinay with a top model body

What can you say about this young 19 year older.  First of all, you can say that she is drop dead gorgeous.  Secondly, you can say that she has a pair of the most voluptuous breasts you will ever see on live webcam.  You can finally say that she is a very available young Filipina teen that knows how to please foreign men on her live webcam.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lollipop Lover

Lollipop Lover is a gorgeous 18 year older that loves cam sex.  She wants her daddy to tell her how to be bad in bed.  If you love innocent 18 year old Pinays who love to be coached in the sack, then this gorgeous model is the one for you.  Find her daily at Filipina Magic (org) for a wild good time.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Busty Young Pinay Model SweetnSexyAss

When I search for Philippine models to view in private chat, I really like it when I come a cross an unknown entity, new to the business, who has a sensuality and sense of sexuality that stimulates your mind and cock.   SweetnSexyAss is exactly that kind of model, with a full figured Filipino body, including 36 C Cup breasts, an hour glass figure, and enough booty to make a ship sink.  She's a keeper, sensual, fun, kind, and most of all - erotic as hell in her private chat room.

Girls like this are a dream come true, as they are sweet, smiling, and for the most part laid back on cam.  They give you that GFE as you chat with them, almost over interested in where you come from and what you do for a living.   They know if you spend money on them in private chat, you must have a job. Filipina girls like Sweet know that a job means money and worth the time to make Chika-Chika with, or even Boom Boom.

Sweet, her real name, is an erotic treat.  She has such a gorgeous 20 year old body, although having a child before, didn't ruin much. There are only a few left over stretch marks, not all that bad for a tiny little 5 foot 98 pound model who loves playing with her pussy and ass.   She gives you that stare, as she takes out her vibrating dildo and moves it between her breasts.  It's almost as if she wants you to believe that your cock is right there, penetrating her clevage, ready to do more in the lower extremity's of her body.

She absolutely looks devine, shoving that hard dildo in her young pussy.  Her eyes roll to the back of her haed, and her mouth opens, as that dildo penetrates her wet pink flesh.  She gets to a point in her program where she just wants to keep it in there, while rubbing her breasts and looking at you online while you masterbate.  I have a webcam here at home, and always two way chat with the models.  I show them my cock and whack off with them.  Sweet is one of those darling Filipina's who gets off watching you whack off.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Filipina breasts you just have to see for yourself

AngelLips18 is a sexy Asian doll on live cam
This beautiful Pinay teen is AngelLips18, a new addition to  She is incredible beautiful, with robust young round breasts, and a hot body that compliments the entire package.   For a Filipina, her breasts are huge.  It just doesn't make sense that a small petitie 90 pound girl like Angel, would have such huge round melons, but nonetheless, she does.  These girls are given from the Spanish Conquisdadors, who impregnated a bunch of Filipino natives hundreds of years ago Catholisizing the Philippines.  AngelLips18 is living proof that Spanish blood, with large hips and large tits, exists in the Philippine Islands.
The cam show is incredible, for a new cumer to cam porn.  She is so sweet and sexy.  It's a total GFE, as she wants you to feel comfortable, and most of all, cum during her webcam show.   She works over her little Asian body with her hands, feeling every crevace, and hole she can find to stimulate.   You'll be stimulated when you see her amazing breasts.  As her nipples stand erect during her show, proof that she is enjoying every bit of her private chat sexperience.
All I can say is that AngelLips18 is a pleasure to do business with on cam.   I came in about 2 minutes, as I couldn't help watching this perfect little Filipina bent over playing with fantastic young ass and pussy on webcam.  It's all I could take, and I have more credits to go back tomorrow and whack off again to her.
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Full figured Filipina Model - What A Babe

One of my favorite modes at AsianCamModels is this gorgeous Pinay beauty by the name of "What A Babe".   With some of the most fantastic breasts you will ever see on webcam, WhatABabe will make your cock stand on end in only a matter of seconds.

Born with fantastic "tit" genes, WhatAbabe's breasts are truly incredible.   They are sized DD, which in Filipina language means "way bigger than most Filipina camgirls.   They are perfectly sized, shaped with beautiful 1/4 inchc nipples.

Not only is she gifted with fantastic Asian tits, but she is also gifted with a fantastic body to compliment her breasts.   She has an hour glass figure with a plump heart shaped ass that looks so good stuck high up in the air on her webcam.   Asian Cam Models like WhatABabe are not only beautiful, but they know how to fuck.  They are island girls, natives, primitive, knowing only the basics that their pussy feels good so they have to fuck fuck fuck.  WhatABabe is one horny girl in her private chat room, as she loves pleasuring both her ass and pussy.

This gorgeous model is live on cam during the evenings both during the week and weekends (USA time).   She is only .99 cents per minute for erotic private chat.   Her pussy yearns to meet your cock for a midnight rendezvous so stop by AsianCamModels to meet one of the hottest models from southeast Asia.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinas Sexiest live on

Pinas Sexiest is a 19 year old Pinay teen from the Philippines
 If you are looking for a sweet young 19 year old from Manila, Philippines, then Pinas Sexiest is the girl for you.  Cute, sexy, full figured, and a little devil in private chat, this sexy young Pinay teen has everything you need for wil cam sex chat.

She has one of those sexy young figures, only on a teen, still growing, and still filling out.  She has some baby fat around the side, but still very sensual and sexy to watch on cam.  Her pussy is fantastic.  It's flowered, shaved, and loves fingers, tounges and dildo's, not to mention hard cock, stuck inside it when she has the chance.  Her private cam chat shows feature her 9 inch dildo toy, filling that pussy and tiny ass up during her private chat sessions.   It's hot to see a 19 year older like this take a dildo up the ass.  The pain and the extasy all in one fucking motion.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Asian Cam Girls - Filipina Cougar Loves Her Dildos

Class Debbie is a Filipino Milf live on her cam from the Philippines. She has a very high quality camera, which allows you to get right up close and personal, seeing the hairs, oops, she doesn't have any hairs, on her used up old Filipina snatch.

She is actually a very sensual erotic Cougar, that knows how to please and make every man or woman happy duing and after her show.  She loves to please you by showing how deep she can get those large dildos deep in her tight little ass.  She loves anal sex, like most camgirls, and will not stop fucking it, until you blow your load.

This hot Filipina Cougar can be found at Cam Crush, live on her webcam during the evenings.  She's well worth the $1.99 per minute, as those toys don't stop working until you've blown your load.